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DIZY is a young French publishing house offering design & sustainable furniture. DIZY was born from the desire to change the way of buying furniture to make it more responsible. DIZY has worked with the designer Thomas Merlin to create 31 pieces of furniture (lampshades, tops, legs...) that can be assembled, without tools, to give life to an infinite number of pieces of furniture: desks, lamps, coffee tables, racks, shelves, benches ...
Sustainable: we design our products in an environmentally friendly way. We carefully select our materials according to their robustness, quality, recyclable dimension and proximity of supply. Each DIZY part is thus designed to last.
Design: each piece has been designed by the French designer Thomas Merlin with an eye for accuracy and simplicity. The DIZY design is pure, warm and useful so that you will love your furniture for a long time.
Transposable: today you need a coffee table but tomorrow you would prefer a bookcase? With the DIZY parts, you take your furniture apart, without tools, and you reuse each piece to create a new piece of furniture. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!
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