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Salima Zahi
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About Salima Zahi

Designer and craftsman

Salima is a designer in a workshop in Pantin.

During her studies at the School of Art and Design in St. Stephen, from which she graduated in 2017, she had the opportunity to study in Tallinn at the Estonian Academy of Arts. It was there that she was able to train and deepen her practical knowledge of ceramics. Combining design and craftsmanship, Salima works on pieces halfway between utilitarian and small sculptures. In her practice, she questions the different ways of using an everyday object.
These sources of inspiration are the art of Japanese design.

Today she is developing porcelain collections, which are based on the original combination of simple and pure forms. At once poetic, minimalist and contemplative, the objects have a specific vocabulary, responding to each other, calling out to our gaze through their play with light. Passionate about the creative process and patience, she draws, assembles shapes together, bakes, enamels, the piece fails or succeeds and starts again.

In addition to her production of personal works, Salima develops objects and designs custom-made projects for individuals and companies, particularly in the fields of set design and scenography.

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