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Ebanisteria Meccanica
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About Ebanisteria Meccanica

Woodworkers since 1931

The history of Ebanisteria Meccanica began in 1931 in Sassari, Sardinia.

The founder, Diego Moretti, chose this name to emphasize the extent of an epoch-making transformation, namely the passage from manual woodworking to mechanical working, thanks to the advent of new machinery. Today, thanks to the founder’s grandson, who bears the same name, Ebanisteria Meccanica aims to recover the tradition of craftsmanship by offering ingenious products of great aesthetic and functional value.

In every creation of Ebanisteria Meccanica, whether it is a bookcase, valet stand or a nutcracker, we continue to experience and live that family knowledge that has united three generations of artisans and has remained intact since 1931. 

Nowadays, the brand's philosophy is extremely clear: working with the machine and not for the machine, trying to find that delicate balance between man and traditional carpentry machinery, always placing at the centre the role of the artisan who takes care of the entire production process.


What inspires you daily?

Everything around me. I am passionate about everything I do and I get inspired mainly by music and the countryside. Inspiration for me is an almost automatic process, so much so that sometimes it seems like I don't even feel it.


Who is the person who has influenced your career the most?

My father, without a doubt. He was my great master of life and craft. Thanks to him, I learned to respect wood and people, to keep my word and to pay attention to what I do. The recent collaboration with designer Giulio Iacchetti has also been very significant, because it has given new life to the production of Ebanisteria Meccanica, bringing a truly unique and concrete method.


What is your typical day?

During the day, I deal mainly with the workshop, but also with the management of Ebanisteria Meccanica's virtual channels, including social networks, and the two activities now proceed almost concurrently. This is necessary not only to communicate Ebanisteria Meccanica's creations more effectively, but also to involve the public and make them part of my work. In any case, the first activities of my day are always linked to the opening and starting of the workshop, to which I always devote myself with an eye to the future.


What is the creation of Ebanisteria Meccanica you are most proud of?

The interlocking bookcase. This artefact led me to reuse the name "Ebanisteria Meccanica", the same name chosen by my grandfather many years ago. For me, the creation of the bookcase represented both a turning point and a new beginning. I chose to use only single blocks for its components, without having any part glued together. Once this is disassembled, it takes on the appearance of a perfect parallelepiped. Two inclinations at the head of the legs also form Moretti's M, the family name.


A maxim or a motto to share?

The world is one, but everyone lives in their own. Many people, many worlds.


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