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Claire Gaudion
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About Claire Gaudion

Eco-friendly handcraft textile design - inspired by Nature

Claire Gaudion is an artisan textile design company creating rugs, cushions and fabrics inspired by Guernsey’s natural landscape. The brand is driven by the knowledge that characteristics of design can make a positive difference to everyday living. In particular, that nature-inspired colours, patterns and textures can bring balance and wellbeing to home interiors.

“Nature has always been my biggest inspiration. Observing its rhythms of light, shadows, colours, textures and scale, and understanding its effect on our wellbeing is something that I’m instinctively drawn to.” Claire Gaudion

How would you summarize your approach to design?

"Growing up in Guernsey, Claire was surrounded by nature’s colours and textures. And, being introduced to natural textile design from a young age, Claire became fascinated with the way materials impact how we feel, and
enrich our daily experiences. Current research around the concept of Biophilic design advocates that bringing nature and references to nature indoors can really benefit our well-being. Specifically, using a diversity of nature references - including colour, pattern and texture – is evidenced to have significant and positive roles to play. This research underpins our modern day approach to textile design."

Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one? Is it related to aparticular meeting or event?

"We love to work with sustainable and natural fibres, to make luxuriously soft wool rugs, exquisitely crafted. And, new to our collections for 2020 are our Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs, beautiful hand woven rugs made from repurposed plastic, but which feel like wool."

A maxim, a saying to share?

""When you really understand that each colour is changed by a changed environment, you eventually find that you have learned about life as well as colour" Josef Albers. Words to design and live by!"

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