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Kazuhiro Yamanaka
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About Kazuhiro Yamanaka

The Japanese blueprint

Kazuhiro Yamanaka, Japanese designer, born in 1971, graduated in 1997 from the Royal College of Arts, is currently working in London. His rare pieces have all been recognized by prestigious collections (Moma, Victoria Albert Museum) and are represented by major publishing houses - Alessi, Boffi, Ingo Maurer, Palucco.

Her work navigates between the emptiness and fullness of surfaces, the subtle play of trompe-l'oeil and the harmony of proportions. For him, designers should contemplate the emptiness that surrounds objects, the space between objects, and the relationship of things between them. The furniture, objects and lighting that make up a space should be read like a constellation of stars, linked together by imaginary lines that constitute the harmony that surrounds them.

Each object has a three-dimensional written history and the designer's job is to create maximum impact with minimal use of the material.

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