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Mijery Edition
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About Mijery Edition


Mijery Edition creates and manufactures unique, durable and ethical interior objects. 

UNIQUE - All of our creations are handcrafted in limited editions.

SUSTAINABLE - We choose materials and manufacturing methods with a limited impact on the environment.

ETHICAL - We value the know-how of our craftsmen to enable them to lead a more decent life.

Mijery means "to look at" in Malagasy :  Mijery Edition  wants to open a new perspective on interior objects, with transparency on every step of the fabrication process : from designer inspiration to materials origin and to a reveal about the craftman behind the product. We are deeply convinced that if our objects tell a story and are uniques, it creates a strong attachment to them. And finally, attachment means durability. 

Mijery Edition is an adventure to change our perspective. A human aventure first, started at a private level with Julien Lestrille, designer and Myrrha Randriamiarisoa, malagasy. An adventure started few years ago with an initiatory trip at Madagascar. Julien discovers the country trough traditions, craftmen stories. A return to the roots. After this first trip, Julien design a first object and then the first collection OBI.

This collection reflects unique and ancestral know-how discovered during Julien's trip. OBI collection highlights emblematic materials from Madagascar : wood, brass and red soil - and emblematic know-how of red island : cabinet making, foundry and pottery. 

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