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Fox & Freeze
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About Fox & Freeze

FF1 lounge chair made from one square sheet of synthtic felt.

FOX & FREEZE is a creative cooperation between 2 independant Belgian designers :
James Van Vossel and Tom De Vrieze.  Vos is Dutch for Fox and Vrieze(n) is Freeze.
[Belgium has 3 official languages : Dutch, French and German]. FOX & FREEZE micro-entreprise is offering only 1 type of product, with 1 color variant : the FF1 grey. 

Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one? Is it related to a particular meeting or event?

When we first met to think about the creative cooperation, we didn’t know what we are going to make and which material we were up to use. As an upcoming brand with the goal to make a product handmade by ourselves and transport it worldwide, it’s very important to avoid unnecessary cost due to damaged materials or objects with quick abrasion. On this quest to design the right product we discovered our material. Synthetic felt, is self-defensive, scratch-resistant, durable and due to low weight easy transportable world-wide.


What type of product do you design?

FF1 is an indoor lounge chair made of synthetic felt 1 square sheet. There is is not a loss of material (with the exception of the drilled holes), it's not supported with wood or metal, or other. the structure is self-supporting, the flax pulls the chair together and keep it off aesthetically. The shell and base are not separated from the leaf, but remain connected. Left of a square, the board felt twisted and turned back, like a scarf, ending in a symmetrical but also asymmetrical object, this is literally form follows function. Each FF1 is handcrafted: folded, tightened, knotted, moulded by hand to become its final form.


How would you summarize your approach to design?

We always start from a sketch which we translate directly into the work place. This material intervention takes the lead to become the creation.


A maxim, a saying to share?

FOX & FREEZE is the result of a creative tandem cooperation. By pushing each deisngers boundaries, we were able to create a new architype of seating element.

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