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Pierre Vano
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About Pierre Vano

Timeless objects for contemporary lifestyles


Pierre Vano is a design studio based in Brussels, Belgium. We create everyday pieces for contemporary and small spaces, with a strong focus on formal aesthetics.

Our intuition? Contemporary homes, especially in cities, are becoming smaller and smaller. For young adults, the probability of having to move houses several times in the ‘yearly years’ has significantly increased. These new realities will not decrease but increase the desire to have furniture that combines quality and longevity with the need to address space and mobility.

Our solution is to imagine timeless pieces, where both the materials and the aesthetics are part of a sustainable approach. Components such as steel and aluminium will resist through time, and we expect the same from our formal and minimalist designs. The prototypes are put to test in our everyday life, in a city-based apartment of 60m2.


Pierre Vano was founded in 2017 by Pierre Vanobbergen. After a few years in archi- tecture, Pierre decided to refocus his career towards furniture design and welding. In 2018, Eloïse Ngangura joined the studio. They form a couple at work but also in life. They met in 2014 in Risoul, France, and discovered a shared passion for applied arts.

Pierre imagines the objects and, from the first sketches to the end-product, there is a constant dialogue between them. And same goes each time Eloïse works at making the project grow.

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