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MAUD Supplies
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About MAUD Supplies

Wooden or steel decoration objects

MAUD is a brand new company offering metal furniture and wooden objects that are natural, strong and high quality. Drawings and first models are made in the family’s workshop in Bouzy La Forêt(45). Each product is made by french artisans.

Timeless, essential and lasting are the 3 words that de ne MAUD’s work : to create objects that will last beyond fashions, trends, transitions.

Nature is everywhere with MAUD. Starting with the choice of materials : natural and burnt wood like subliminal images from a rustic life by the replace. Following on through in the entire manufacturing process : MAUD works on the material’s singularity. The grain of the wood, its colors and shades … Each object is unique. MAUD sees in nature a simple beauty, ef cient and immediate on which it’s important to minimise the transformation process. Wood is oiled, never varnished ; thermal painting without solvent is preferred to traditional paint and the woodwork is never aggressive. No glue or rail-and-slot systems either. The real nature of the material is always favoured over technical performance.

The products are made by artisans are located in the Jura and the Loiret region. The objects are part of a dialogue between MAUD and the artisans, forming real relationships. The exposed weldings on the objects are left on purpose to mark their path; the unique signature of the artisan.

Whether it’s wood or steel, the material is at the centre of what makes the piece : this is the MAUD method.

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