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Anne-Sophie PIC
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About Anne-Sophie PIC

Taste for others

‘Taste is the most beautiful emotion we have,’ states Anne Sophie Pic with enthusiasm. The world’s most highly Michelin-starred female chef, Pic dedicates her life to reinventing flavours with genuine humility, labouring tirelessly on bold and unexpected taste combinations that have earned her global fame. An openness to arts related more or less closely to gastronomy and a curiosity about the world are other leitmotifs of this chef who made her first forays into cooking in her native Ardèche before creating her own culinary repertoire to take with her into new territories.

Sensitive to the aesthetic qualities of her dishes, Anne Sophie Pic is just as fastidious when it comes to everything associated with them, and these have a bearing, in her opinion, on the pleasure and the flavour: tableware, kitchen utensils and bespoke furniture. The chef, passionate about art in general, takes particular care when choosing the famous interior designers who work with her on her restaurants and is in fact curious in all areas of creativity.

Early Subscriber to Designerbox, and it was just a short step to creating something for us. An indispensable and very special kitchen accessory, the two-tone apron made by Le Jacquard Français to the chef’s specifications is an accessible product reflecting Pic’s own unique blend of elegance and simplicity. To discover here.

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