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About AG L.O.B.

Designing workshop producing furniture, created in 2018 by Louise Baron.

AG L.O.B., the Atelier Galerie L.O.B., is a designing workshop producing furniture, created in 2018 by Louise Baron.

What’s our philosophy?

Our values are simple:
- reduce the chain of production
- Made in France
- work with craftsmen and artists with whom build real relationships
- limit the carbon footprint in production
- think on what we can humbly, seriously and joyfully bring


How would you summarise your designing approach?

“I like to express an idea through an object, explore the potential of various materials, open possibilities thanks to innovations made with materials, create an emotion through a piece of furniture and a dialogue between usage and aesthetic”.

“The encounters, readings and discoveries that I made feed my creations; everything inspires me, I’m very curious; I like the interactions between different universes and confront my ideas to the technical realities, create alchemy with those that accompany me and share the simple joy to go forward together”.

Being a designer is a long invisible work of research, hypothesis, of technical creation and aesthetic so that an object one day sees the light, an object that will be loved and accompany someone throughout their life. It’s a work where the know-how of different actors completes each other’s, and where challenges are a constant.

We chose an object because it resonates with us in our search of the useful, rational, intimate and harmonious. A part of my work is to create this emotion and share it. This is the reward for all those that imagine things for others.

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