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About ikonniko

Ikonniko is an independent jewellery brand based in Madrid and created by Blanca Fernández.

Blanca studied jewellery in London after exploring many different arts and crafts.

Ikonniko brings together diverse inspirations, from architecture to design, photography to fashion and other creative disciplines, to create unique collections of modern precious metal pieces for a sober and sophisticated touch.

Ikonniko is a brand of jewellery for those who are attentive to every detail of life and appreciate things that last.

We are committed to environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing. Wherever possible, we use eco-friendly silver and other environmentally friendly materials.

All parts are designed and manufactured by hand in our workshop in Madrid, some parts require specific manufacturing techniques that are carried out by local craftsmen.

Each time you buy from Ikonniko, you receive a unique piece of jewelry while supporting a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

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