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Jungle by Jungle
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About Jungle by Jungle

Design furniture for children and adults.

Founded in 2014, Jungle by Jungle wants to offer functional and quality children furniture, but we also want to offer beautiful and design furniture.

Our first collections were designed for the little ones. This is why we design furniture for children with contemporary lines soft and rounded, pastel colors, suitable to the development of the child and daydreaming. Our kids collections can also evolve into other worlds than children's rooms. Thus, many of our furniture fits perfectly in many rooms of the house. Naturally, the desire has come to develop furnitures and objects exclusively for adults such as our dressing table or our jewelry boxes.

Beyond design, we place a high value on the quality and manufacture of our products. We collaborate with workshops in France and Europe that value craftsmanship and master innovative production tools. Our products are manufactured in small and medium series to adapt to market trends and to produce in a reasoned way. Respect for the environment is a central element in our approach. We offer furniture designed to limit their impact on nature. They are made to last and to be transmitted.

Meeting with Sabrina Colas : 

What did make you want to become a designer ? 
I created furnitures for many projects as an interior designer for 8 years .These experiences made me want to go further in the furniture design area. Thhis is how I created my own brand wich let me give my creativity free rein. 

Do you have a favorite material ? Does it come from a meeting or a special event ? 
The wood is a main component of my work. It reminds my of my grandfather, passionately working with wood in his workshop. I recall his precise handiwork, I remember the smell of wood, the shavings, the sawdust. I remember his workbench full of magical tools that would eventually make appear lovely little furnitures. 

What type of products do you draw ? 
I predominantly draw furnitures but I also draw some objects like a pair of jewelery box. 

How would you summarize your design approach ? 
I tend to propose simple forms that would be smooth and soft. I try to emphasize the materials using solid wood. I want to create useful and sustainable products that will cross the generations. 

What is the starting point of your creations ? 
Each of my creations leans toward the product function, its utility for the user, the advantage he will get using it. Once we define these prerequisites, we think about the style, the spirit and the story I want to tell.  

What is the product you are the most proud of and why ? 
The product I am the most proud of is the very first I drew for Jungle by Jungle. It is the desk My Little Pupitre. It is at the root of our adventure and it is still one of our best sellers. 

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