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About SanFates

SanFates  is a young vibrant brand with many years of experience and know-how passed down from generation to generation.
Sanfates family making high quality handmade products - poufs, bean bags, tables, pendant lamps, carpets, baskets, curtains, toys, mirrors...
Every production process, from design development to technical its implementation is accomplished with love and positive mind, which creates positive atmosphere in your home. Sanfates strives to help you to choose what suits your home best. High quality always have, and always will be SanFates  highest priority

. We intend to provide our customers with the highest quality and exlusive design handmade home interior products created with love and passion

We strive to become well – known and most respected  brand by providing finest quality handmade home interior products and exceptional service

About Sandra Fatejeva, the designer
I grew up in little village Simnas, Lithuania which is surrounded by two beautiful lakes. I was only child in family. My mother told me that then I was 5 years old, I took needles for the first time. And that was it. I was into it. First it was clothes for dolls, then for myself, then for family. I always liked being alone with myself. However, studies of economics and business administration took my energy and time, so I was forced to put creative work away. Luckily, inspired by my husband, I came back, but this time I was fascinated by knitted products in interior and non-standard solutions. This is how SanFates was established. And after 3 years of furniture production, I started creating wall decorations from yarn leftovers.


Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one? Is it related to a particular meeting or event?
I do not have one specific material. I love all materials from which I can knit or weave and finally use it as interior detail.

How would you summarize your approach to design?
First of all, I take the time to communicate with customers to understand their needs and expectations. And then I think of ways, how to meet those expectations and still be myself, and keep my style.

What inspires you on a daily basis?
One word – kids. They are super creative and that’s inspires me so much. Watching them makes me search for different shapes, think out of the box without any boundaries.

The object you created that you are most proud of and why?
I am proud of my wall décor, because I was able to make it as zero waste product. I am glad I can save the planet and nature by using leftovers for interior details.

Why did you choose to publish your products?
It is my passion and in order to share it with world, first thing to do is to publish it. Also, it is the way of showing that handmade knitted products can be used as interior details, not only sweaters or scarfs.

Self-publishing: a trend? a need? a necessity...?
Nowadays, it is trend, need and necessity. But for me - both a need and necessity. When your products become more known and get more popular, it is the time to show who is behind of all creations. In this way you can make connection with people and let them feel the energy you put in your products.

What would have been your job if you had not been a designer?
For the last 10 years, I worked as logistic manager, so I believe it would be it.

Has there been a person or event or other that has had a significant influence on your work / career?
My husband Valerij, who still has big influence on my career. He encourages me to do what I love the most – create; and never ever be afraid of being myself

Tell us about an everyday object that is close to your heart and why?
Funny to say that, but it is yarn and fabrics. I love its texture and colors, which motivates me to create and come up with an ideas.

A maxim, a saying to share?
"People will forget what you said, will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." – MAYA ANGELOU

A sentence to resume you in 2/3 words ?
Be myself and share the love through creation

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