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About WeBentWood

Louise Deguine and Sacha Bitoun, architects, have joined forces to create their own Design and Interior Design agency: Saïse Design. Their fields of action range from the self-publishing of objects to the design of spaces.

"I am Sacha, an architect who graduated from ENSA Paris-Malaquais in 2017.
My credo: make first and foremost! I am what is called "a maker". Inspired by my grandfather, I always try to find in my work an interface between traditional craftsmanship and digital manufacturing. As you may have guessed, my favourite material is wood....

I am Louise, architect HMONP, I also studied architecture in Paris-Malaquais. My interest in innovation and new technologies naturally led me to take an interest in digital manufacturing and the fablab ecosystem. The democratization of these places is shaping a way of designing and producing closer to the public, a principle that I also want to apply in my work as an architect."

A common interest in digital and its potential creative applications brings us together. We have acquired parametric modeling skills to generate complex shapes. Driven by the "makers" movement, we have developed a language that combines technological innovations and material work.
For a design conceived in a more virtuous way, we seek to preserve local production and know-how, as well as to favour raw materials made in France. Re-use and upcycling are also recurring topics in our projects. We are convinced that a valorisation of the material is always possible through a thoughtful transformation.


The WeBentWood luminaire collection
Through this collection we wish both to tell the story of a method and to offer a real material experience. WeBentWood luminaires are made of cold bent wood. Their creation is based on a new technique, the lattice hinge, which consists in folding the wood using a specific pattern. As a result, it becomes almost as flexible as a fabric. This innovative manufacturing method lends technical and plastic qualities to the wood, which have inspired the various models in the range.


Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one? 
Authentic, warm, eco-responsible, adaptable in a thousand ways... Our speciality is wood!

What type of product do you design?
We design useful, ethical and beautiful furniture for everyday life.

How would you summarize your approach to design?
We are very fond of what we call "systems". In other words, we work with a strong concept whose rules we define based most often on geometry, mathematics or material characteristics. To this concept we combine inspirations from the history of design, architecture and aspirations related to current challenges: sustainability, ethics, local production.

The starting point for your creations? (the material, the shape, a particular desire?)
Has there been a person, event or other that has had a significant influence on your work/career?
The tool is always a starting point in our work. Our relationship to it determines our daily work. In a time of constant evolution, we aspire to borrow from each manufacturing method its qualities. Thus, our approach often balances between craftsmanship and digital manufacturing. Each project is then a place of learning that must necessarily involve practice and prototyping. We work in collaborative spaces such as Fablabs, places of knowledge sharing, where we have become familiar with innovative manufacturing techniques such as laser cutting, digital milling, 3D printing, robotics...

The object you created and are most proud of and why?
The object of which we are most proud is undoubtedly the large suspension called "Luce", from our range of "Webentwood" luminaires. It is our most successful work on a wood processing method that we have developed; the lattice hinge. It is also an object with an atypical and innovative design. "Luce" is designed as a self-assembly kit. This playful experience allows you to appreciate its ingenious assemblies and to discover the flexibility of the wood worked with the lattice hinge method.

Why did you choose to publish your products?
We have chosen to publish our products to offer as many non-standard, innovative objects as possible, while remaining committed to a responsible attitude towards the production of objects in the 21st century.

What would have been your job if you hadn't been a designer?
We have the great joy of having several hats, that of designer and architect, which allows us to work on very different project scales and to design spaces and the objects they contain.

Any particular color?
Sacha: The night blue, probably because it is deep, dark, contemplative, infinite...
Louise: Yellow, because it represents light, life and energy!

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