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About Gone's

Objects with a story, singular, elegant, colorful, clean lines of scandinavian influence but so french by their technicality, an eco-friendly design, of natural materials, made in France, and that's not too bad at all.


Gone's is above all a story of brothers. Two Lyon gones, who decided to settle under the Marseille sun at the beginning of 2013 to create their own collection of objects. After more than a year of hard work, searching for partners as motivated as they are, from top, bottom, sleepless nights,... Marian's drawings (the duo's designer) take shape. In July 2016, Gone's moved to the 7th arrondissement of Lyon, his home town.

Our collection is above all a summary of our values:
A "Franco-Scandinavian" design, as refined as it is technical. An obvious editorial line given Marian's Finnish experience.
Products made in France are not made in France out of nationalism, just a "geographical" coherence: we are French designers, so we manufacture close to home and not 8461.52 km from here, especially since French craftsmen with diverse skills are still alive!
The environment: in the choice of materials, our partners, manufacturing techniques, we take care of our planet!
Let's keep it fun! Why should design be snobbish and reserved for the elite?


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