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About Murmull

Every project is a new opportunity of learning something new

Xenia Dikalo and Eduard Mondéjar, two young designers from Barcelona who have just started a new path to the creation of their own brand of contemporary design objects under the name of MURMULL.

This couple specialized in product design and graphic design was formed during their first stage in interior design. Driven by the desire to make grow own project. Together with several collaborators, they create objects of contemporary design based on periodic collections.

Last year they inaugurated their first collection “Domesticated Architecture”, a series of objects inspired by architectural elements. Its beauty lies in the essence of the shape with refined lines, clean cuts and geometric patterns.

They use the collections to investigate different concepts and give coherence to everything conceive. They believe that all this gives value to objects and allows them to better explain their reason for existing and the work behind each one of them.

Murmull was borned with the idea of being a brand that is always in movement, with aptitude for new concepts, products, materials and productive processes. Every product has a special value for us, it’s a relationship that pass certain stages from one idea to materialization of it. rom each one e seek to learn something new.



What type of product do you design ?
We consider that there are certain foundations that make some objects last, making them timeless. The essence of the shape with re ned lines, clean cuts and geometric patterns hardly go out of style. These bases we try to apply to our objects. At the same time we can not forget that the taste and style are always in movement and go hand in hand with its era. Only you have to be opened of mind to accept new changes and to be connected with present and actual desires of people.

What inspires you on a daily basis?
We are very interested in other areas of culture: painting, architecture, lm, theater, dance, circus, music, etc... Interconnecting different disciplines enriches greatly the projects and makes us think about other issues that maybe we had not asked before.

The starting point of your creations?
We could say that our previous studies of interior design have marked our way of seeing beauty. This first contact with the architectural space, the proportion of forms, the interaction of human and space always makes us look for an dialogue between object and space.

Tell us about an everyday object that is close to your heart and why?
We really love to collect stones from different places of the world. Its texture, shape, composition, colour, smell tells us about the place where it forms or what its story is...if it was a part of a mountain or a building or a road. Each stone is unique and each one keeps its little secrets. It’s the best souvenir that we take from our journeys.

Why did you choose to publish your products?
Always one has some goals to which you aspire, but the most important thing is not so much to reach this end but to enjoy the journey, the course of the days, the small joys of life. It gives us satisfaction to see the murmull project grow up and that the objects, which emerged from a daily work that we enjoy, begin to come alive in people’s homes.

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