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Seem Soap Studio
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About Seem Soap Studio

SEEM SOAP STUDIO © is a Design and creation studio based in Paris and co-funded by Mathilde Lehmann and Valentine Sée en 2015. 

They combine their knowledge and expertise in order to create each product from the idea of it to its creation.
Specialised in the product design, they are particularly interested in the objects we use on a daily basis. These objects that we wear or forget. 
They question the role's design of nowadays and take into account the power of forms ans colors related to the gesture and the use. They reinvent the soap as an ephemeral item, as a sculpture that will change with time and use. 
The forms are shaped in harmony with the hand ergonomics. This hand will transform the soap, make the initial details disappear in order to make new ones while mixing the colors together to create a new appearance.  
Soaps are handmade in their workshop in Paris. They care about modeling each product using their skills and precision. 
The products are made from a vegetal basis soap, created from natural ingredients. They are paraben-free, surfactant agent-free and propylene glycol-free. Pigments are organic and perfumes are allergen-free. 

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