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KANZ Architetti
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About KANZ Architetti

KANZ Architetti is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in Venice in 2014 by Antonella Maione and Mauro Cazzaro, which ranges from design to restoration of residential architecture, commercial interior design, temporary design up to product design.

Convinced that the activity of the designer is at the base of the construction of any complex object, be it a building or a product, be it material or conceptual, they tackle issues at a very different scale with the same experimental approach and with the same attention to detail and to the potential of techniques and materials. In the context of product design, in parallel to collaborations with companies of accessories and lighting, they develop the idea of ​​combining the design activity with a close collaboration with local artisan companies to create an independent production.

They work closely with artisans open to research, to learn the story, the techniques, the working method, enriching each project of a narration. The objects that spring from this journey in the creative process do not have the character of unique pieces, but are linked to reality, combining the potential of the material and the technique, with the idea of ​​beauty and functionality. They explore traditional techniques to create shapes suitable for contemporary living and at the same time pay particular attention to the relationship between innovation and technical possibilities, aware that the knowledge of the latter is the basis of any possible experimentation. In 2016 the production of Kanz Architetti became the reason behind the birth of the KANZ brand.

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