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Founded in Berlin in 2015, Mike Raaijmakers and Coco Prange offer a wide range of furniture, tables, benches and bookcases made from recycled wood and metals from industry or the building. While they are not the only ones to "make something new out of something old", Mike and Coco have become masters at developing standards from inevitably heterogeneous materials. Handmade furniture in the family factory, unique at affordable prices.

Our guiding philosophy is to create something new from the old.

We stand for Dutch-inspired furniture design using recycled timber. Through upcycling used wooden planks that have no further use in construction, we give life to something new. The unique surface texture that emerges through this process makes each of our pieces one of a kind. Each product is handcrafted in close cooperation with our carpentry workshop in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and throughout this process we attach great importance to the use of regional, environmentally friendly materials.

Timber furniture originally comes from the Netherlands, the home of founder Mike Raaijmakers. We combine this Dutch traditional craft with an industrial-minimalist look of clear shapes and colours.

Founded in March 2015 by Mike Raaijmakers in Berlin, team JOHANENLIES was expanded to include Coco Prange as Creative Director in July 2016. As a small thank you for every purchase, we support the children and youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet that plant trees on foundation-owned grounds in Campeche (Mexico), as well as training children in academies to become ambassadors for climate justice. In this way, we contribute to a sustainable future together.

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