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To live and grow up surrounded by wood, learn without realizing it from those who have worked with wood all their lives, you feel it as something familiar that has grown next to you. This is the experience that Daniel, founder partner of Woodendot, has lived all his life, growing up in the Spanish region of Tierra de Pinares (Land of Pines) in Valladolid, where his family and over 80% of the inhabitants of this area have devoted their lives to the crafting of products from wood.


WOODENDOT was born of the smell of wood from Tierra de Pinares, the passion for design and a number of circumstances and experiences lived by Daniel and María that inspired them around 2013 to set up the firm.


At WOODENDOT we create furniture, accessories and lighting products using wood as the main material; a material that brings our dreams to life. We design products that live in harmony with people, the pivot of our existence.

We combine the know-how of master wood craftsmen with the most innovative proposals from designers. The result is a product with its own identity, the warmth of wood; a product that can respond to new needs while looking to the future thanks to its timeless nature.

Everything we do at WOODENDOT seeks to always look after what we love, nature!

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