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About Aguibson

Aguibson is a studio created and directed by Aurélien Guibson.

Our objects are designed with simplicity and requirements in mind. We want furniture and objects that integrate easily and attractively into today's interiors.

An objective that is combined with the desire for a pure, humble and evocative aesthetic.

The production is entirely French. 

Why "wrong" do elsewhere what we do well here?!



What inspires you on a daily basis?

I like the idea that every day has a similar structure, which reassures me as a creator. Routine is not a very fashionable concept these days, but I find that it highlights the exceptional nature of each day, it makes you sensitive to the smallest variations.
The gardener who, every day working his soil, hears the new song of a bird in his vegetable garden.
The bus driver who, every morning while driving, notices the new fragrance of one of his or her regular customers.
It is the small upheavals in my daily life that challenge me, that inspire me. 
And then it's people, after all a designer, he may be an artist who has nothing against sociology and math...


Self-publishing: a trend? A need? A necessity?

First of all, because it offers total creative freedom. It is the Internet that allows it by having its own site, so no "veto" of a third party on creations and because today this site and these creations are potentially visible by a little less than the entire world population....

What would have been your job if you hadn't been a designer?

I like the humanities in general, so I'm sure one of the professions that make up these disciplines.


A maxim, a quote to share?

A maxim of a Maxime... Leforestier;)
"You can leave childhood, your childhood doesn't leave you"


Tell us about an everyday object that is dear to you and why?

My glasses, to imagine that today many humans see in "streaming quality" is really very sad. So it's probably the object that's most dear to me... and most expensive too... 

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