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Designerbox story: design to share

Designerbox objects all have something to tell. Whether they are the re and DNA of their creator, the expression of a trend or the fruit of a very particular know-how, they are intended to open the doors of the creative world to you.

Let's go back to this fabulous epic with the creators!


An infant housed in a cardboard box installed under the drawing table of his parents in the decorative arts, raised in a world where the great names of design, from Le Corbusier to Castiglioni, Enzo Mari to Talon, lived side by side, Tomas Erel, founder and artistic director of Designerbox was undoubtedly predestined to do something with this aesthetic and cultural background.

Tomas Erel, who is more interested in Mies Van der Rohe's "less is more", is nevertheless enthusiastic about creation in the broadest sense. Eager to get rid of the superfluous in order to give meaning and value to the objects that dress everyday life, he imagined, in 2013, Designerbox as a unique tool at the service of designers and contemporary craftsmen.


The creators are selected not according to my tastes but each individually for their unique approach and their legitimacy in the world of design. Once the brief has been completed, I am like any other subscriber, I understand the personality of the creator by discovering the object he offers me! It is this experience that we are trying to make our subscribers live! ".

Tomas Erel


As storytellers, Designerbox pieces are systematically delivered with narrative content, considered "as essential as the object".

"We are based on the luxury model, which has long highlighted its know-how and its creators. It's about giving meaning to your purchase"

explains Philippe Lehr, President of Designerbox and a committed aesthete who joined the Designerbox adventure in 2014.

Led by the two drumming men, accompanied by its young and dynamic team and surrounded by a pool of convinced, talented and heterogeneous designers, Designerbox designs, edits and promotes a collection of flagship and exclusive pieces.

At the borders of art, great names such as Arik Levy, Ron Gilad, Eugeni Quitllet and matali crasset have come to enamel the collection of manifest pieces questioning subscribers on the decorative function, inviting them, beyond design, to dive into the poetic and graphic universe that characterizes them.

Many young talents from the new international contemporary design scene, such as Sebastian Bergne, Pauline Deltour, Ferréol Babin, Sebastien Herkner and Dan Yeffet, have joined the building with projects as diverse as they are relevant.


"If we are used to reading the names of these creators in current decorative newspapers, we generally do not know much about their careers."


Designerbox's mission is to provide a forum for those who make and break tomorrow's trends, not hesitating, from time to time, to select more emerging talents such as Flavia de Laubadère or Louisa Koeber.

Sometimes it is through the creator, know-how or material that the boxes strive to highlight: with her Gravity Drops decanter, Vanessa Mitrani invites the subscriber to discover the ancestral technique of blown glass, when Élise Fouin chooses to shed light on a new material with her Candy braided basket.

When it comes to telling the story of age-old industries, Designerbox is not to be outdone and calls on the humorous genius of the 5.5 designstudio or the sharp lines of the duo of designers Mrzyk and Moriceau to skilfully divert the codes of iconic manufacturers such as Duralex and Gien.

Finally, with passion, Designerbox knows how to venture off the beaten track of design, entrusting graphic designers, architects and fashion designers with the task of designing exceptional everyday objects such as the dessert plates of Ich and Kar, the sculptural mug of Jean Nouvel or the chic cushions of Serge Bensimon...

With international creators, Designerbox thus draws a unique, rich and lively portrait of contemporary creation for our greatest pleasure while favouring a responsible consumption "from creator to consumer" rather than a "disembodied" mass consumption, the credo of both men remains unchanged and the desire to "make creation democratic" is supported over the boxes....



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