The team

IPC / Iconic Product Collection

Iconic Product Collection has been founded in 2012 to develop new concepts in the universe of design and decoration. One simple idea : reveal to a large public, the best talents in the field of international contemporary design behind the objects presented in the magazines and make their creations... affordable. 
This is the spirit behind the launch of by IPC in june 2013

Every object tells a story, that of its designer, that of its manufacturer, that of the person who offers it or who receives it. Designerbox is a monthly rendez-vous, a surprise which plunges us in the best of the contemporary design.. 
Each month, a designer star imagines an object, new, untraceable elsewhere, and manufactured for one month only by craftsmen with recognized know-how. Thanks to a short circuit of production (limited quantity) and a direct sales to the consumer system (subscription), it is the challenge which the teams of designerbox raise each month to offer objects to live with, to offer or/and to be collected, dispatched at your door in a charming gift box at an affordable price. 

Our team