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with Juliette Le Lorier

Co-founder of Paris-Telex agency and a specialist in content creation and artistic direction for several brands in the world of decor and general lifestyle, Juliette Le Lorier also writes for magazines such as Marie Claire Enfants and Vivre Paris.

Last but not least, she’s the incisive pen behind the interviews and most of the trend pieces in our magazine.

And now, as a complete one-off, the interviewer is interviewed!

You’ve been interviewing our designers since Designerbox was launched. What have you brought away from them all?

It’s very moving to note that most of the objects curated by Designerbox embody and convey in a concrete way the world of their designer. Hence, the interviews have all combined to give me a picture of a huge array of personalities and their different approaches to design or decor. For me, it’s always fascinating to discover the way these approaches are embodied in a particular object. Also, Designerbox likes to seek out young creatives, and it’s great to find out what is inspiring, right now, the design stars of tomorrow. Though they’re creating their hallmarks through personal projects and unique aesthetics, they all share the desire to be part of a more responsible, durable creative process, reflecting the aspirations and needs of consumers.

 Juliette le Lorier

How do you generally go about the interviews?

Now that interviews are only carried out remotely, I must admit that I’m nostalgic for the face-to-face interviews I did by visiting creators’ workplaces, from the workshop/curiosity cabinet of Vanessa Mitrani in Pantin to the bubbling creative studio of Ich&Kar in Montreuil and even Krux’s impressive post-industrial hanger in Amsterdam, colonised by a community of young artists and led by, among others, French designer François Dumas... All of these places express the personality of their inhabitants in profound ways: visiting them and being able to spend time there was therefore as important to my articles as the interviews themselves!

Know well, what makes Designerbox stand out, in your opinion?

Uncovering new talents, hand-picking and giving work to makers, and building bridges by creating partnerships with leading brands... Generally speaking, Designerbox’s dynamic, innovative character is really quite remarkable and is what explains its success and the high esteem in which it is held by industry professionals. Also, Designerbox stands up for authentic design by focussing on meaning rather than trends – something that, from a personal point of view, convinced me from the start.

 C'est un Montagut aux éditions Flammarion





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