Buying directly from farmers and producers is indisputably the best way of guaranteeing a product’s quality.
But we often overlook the fact that it’s by controlling the whole chain, from agricultural production to loading, from transport to packing, that we obtain an exceptional product.


Spices harvest

Mindful of the benefits of an unbroken chain of traceability, Dieter Fuchs created, in 1952, what would be become the first worldwide family group in the field of spices trading, and one that transformed a direct relationship with farmers into the driving force of its ethical strategy. It was a wager that accounts for 90% of its supplies today and that has allowed it to put in place qualitative, ethical, social and environmental standards in tandem with its producers.

"Developing the sens of discovery"

Bertrand Dufour, FUCHS France CEO

Spices harvest


Barely known to the French public and yet n°2 worldwide leader in the spice industry, FUCHS Épices Véritables is gradually shaking up the dusty spice shelves of French shops with its promise to ‘develop the spirit of discovery’. Which is great news for those who love new flavours, and one that we wanted to share with you as we brought out the Royal Twist grinder. Faced with the countless array of aromatic spices and herbs now available, choosing pepper, one of the world’s oldest spices and probably also the most widely used, seemed to us the best way of bearing witness to FUCHS’ work on flavour.
With its mixture of two peppers (one black and one white) enlivened with chilli pepper from Jamaica (known as Jamaican pepper), FUCHS reminds us that with spices, as with wine, it’s all in the raw materials and the blending.

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