« Changing the frame, Re-framing the exchange »

In 2003, as head of talent-scouting and image-consulting firm OUTCASTS Incorporated, Géraldine Postel came up with the unique idea of giving one artist every few months carte blanche to rethink her Paris offices, from the floor to the ceiling via the furniture. Named IDEAL Office, each installation was the opportunity for a fresh look at the art and design of our workspaces.



by Laurent Saksik
July to october 2003 

The result was a surprising, immersive experience that both employees and visitors could experience live and in situ: instead of a meeting table, a king-size mattress opposite a real- time projection of the the Paris sky (Ideal Office#3 by Laurent Saksik), or a countryside ambiance dotted by works of art (Ideal Office#1 by Devon Dikeou)...“Changing everything every three months is a crazy amount of work, but it energises us and has even brought us new clients,” affirms Géraldine.


by Devon Dikeou
October to january 2003



Following the advent of virtual reality, Outcasts Incorporated is now preparing to do it again with its Continuumdecom project, which will offer personalised virtual workspaces – alternative futuristic responses to the issues of remote working and visual conferencing. To be continued...


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