NEW LIFE @ WORK design competition

Based on the observation that our working habits have changed thanks to remote work-ing, the evolution of open spaces, co-working and flex offices, DesignerBox and Archimage agency asked three studio designers under 30 to come up with their dream accessory for office life – a practical, versatile object that adds value to our workspaces whether in the office or at home.


HILLA - Design by Natacha.Sacha.


Though the three projects submitted represent three totally different takes on the subject, they are unanimous in seeing light as a key element of our workspaces, as some-thing of a signal to us: ‘Welcome, take a seat, you’re here!’.
Consisting of a vide-poche lamp (with a tray for loose change or other small items), a cocoon lamp and a pencil-holder lamp, these three hybrid objects don’t only serve to light up our workspaces but use light itself as a living material able to bring a breath of conviviality to our dealings and allowing everyone to feel at home.


LUNDI - Design by PaulinePlusLuis

These three projects use light to animate spaces with a kindly, cocooning presence propitious to concentration, as does Notaroberto Boldrini’s luminaire/partition, made to order.


The three projects are as welcoming as a mug of hot coffee, with the Hilla lamp tray by natacha.sacha. and the Lunic pencil-pot lamp by PaulinePlusLuis both inviting one to appropriate the space by placing one’s own pencils, glasses and other personal effects into them. These three generous objects are also capable of serving the common good in shared spaces by providing a spot for pens, paperclips, Post-it Notes...
Each of the three projects responds in its own way to the multiple demands of today’s work spaces.


Discover the "New life @ work" box by Natacha.Sacha.

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