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If we measure the ‘design aura’ of a country by looking at a few national stars who dominate the interiors magazines, it’s by looking at its pool of young talents that we measure its durability. And from that point of view, Belgium has every reason to be optimistic.


DesignerBox brings you a small selection of young product and textiles designers who attest to the unlimited creative wealth and very real dynamism of this new Belgian generation.


Studio Biskt


Vase from the Tulumba range

At the meeting points of art and design, and of industrial processes and manual skills, ceramicist Charlotte Gigan and designer Martin Duchêne of Studio Biskt create objects of a raw beauty that derive their force from the limits inherent to the materials.




Lamp Bijou

Having both trained at La Cambre visual arts school, Pauline Capdo and Luis Bellenger opened their studio in 2015 to offer objects of a rare elegance that play intelligently with the feeling of deja-vu.


Ana Maria Gomez


Serie Plaid

After a Masters in design textiles at La Cambre, young Colombian designer Ana María Gómez created her studio, AMGS, in Brussels in 2015. We love her large-weave blankets/rugs with their subtle geometric designs.


Renaud Meunier


Russian Dolls

After training at La Cambre then at ECAL in Switzerland, Renaud Meunier was noticed quickly – notably for his accessories blending craftsmanship and modernity, including his Russian dolls for Petit h (Hermès).


Benoit Deneufbourg


Serie Paddle

A designer/interior designer trained at ESA St Luc, Benoit Deneufbourg evolved a simple, functional style after opening his studio in 2004. We’re particularly taken by his very elegant range of chairs, Paddle.


Daan De Wit



Interior designer Daan de Wit focuses on sculptural objects. We love his subtle blending of natural materials, which he uses with an almost obsessive sparingness.


Sep Verboom / Livable


AYA coffee table

Recognised in both Belgium and Germany for the social and environmental impact of his projects, including those created with his label Liveable in the Philippines and even in Brazil, Sep Verboom produces committed design in partnership with classic homewares brands.


Linde Freya Tangelder / DestroyersBuilders


Bolder chair

Created in 2014 by designer Linde Freya Tangelder, the DestroyersBuilders studio produces objects with a sculptural and architectural character that stand out for their subtle interplay between contemporary and traditional elements.


Charlotte Jonckheer


CHAUD serie tables

Mixing recycled paper with precious marble or simple travertine, Charlotte Jonckheer designs, among other things, small ranges or unique pieces that she adapts to places, all informed by her utterly unique feel for materials.


Laure Kasiers


Morpho carpet

Textile designer Laure Kasiers uses a non-conventional technique to create her rugs. We love her large collection of organic motifs that seem to have come directly from nature, to have been taken from beneath a microscope, or to be seen from the air, giving free rein to our imagination.


Tenue de Ville



Launched in 2014 by Alexia de Ville, Tenue de Ville is a design house that focuses on upscale wallpaper, produced in Belgium and mainly printed in the old technique using photo-etched copper rollers.


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