Scissors’ Sisters

«Shaped to Seduce»

Born of an experiment in a workshop at CIAV (Centre International de l’Art du Verre), the Scissors’ Sisters duo of carafes by Belgian designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte bring a discreet elegance to dining tables.




These beauties were first produced in a limited edition by the designer himself but were pounced on by the DesignerBox team during a visit to his Brussels studio as something we would like to offer our subscribers.




Individually created by glass-blower, each carafe is unique because it retains the memory of the movement carried out by the blower at the moment when he or she takes scissors to cut the top of the carafe to create the spout – a crucial detail when it comes to pouring out the contents.




Each carafe can be used by itself, but they are provided in two sizes (one litre and half a litre) to meet all needs. They are a particularly lovely addition to dining tables, leaving everyone the choice to pour wine, fruit juice, milk or even water from a smaller or larger carafe.




With his Scissors’ Sisters carafes, Pierre - Emmanuel Vandeputte reminds us that artisan skills can often be a source of inspiration or even provide the initial spark of the idea that leads to a new object being created. But that’s not all. This designer gives us objects that take on their full meaning through the transgression and re-appropriation of a tiny, even banal part of this technical know-how.




Born of a challenge that arose during a visit to CIAV (the Centre International de l’Art du Verre), the designer decided to highlight a stage of moulding in traditional glass-blowing – by interrupted the blowing process and introducing an unusual cut to the edge of the glass to form the spout of the carafes. This hand-created detail contributes to the fact the each carafe is unique, and allows the object to convey a poetry all of its own.


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