Who’s in, who’s out?

When it’s time to take our ELO lamp for a little walk, our gardens, terraces and even our balconies show themselves in their best light. Furnished with the loveliest tables, chairs and other designer decorative accessories, our outdoor spaces and no longer have anything to envy interior design. Or rather, the distinctions are now blurred and the traditional separation between indoor and outdoor is relegated to history.



Everybody outside!

If the desire to be outdoors is common as spring draws near, this year the need to breathe in fresh air is particularly acute thanks to two months of lockdown – two months that proved particularly hard for those with no access to nature.

Indeed, lockdown has demonstrated the importance of outdoor space for our wellbeing, and also the need to maintain it carefully so it combines comfort, good looks and practicality.



The most famous designers have been focusing on terraces and gardens for several years now, as an extension of one’s home – that is, a unique slace modelled to one’s tastes. Relegated to the back of the tool shed or the cellar, the insipid white-plastic or pine furniture we used to buy in DIY shops has been replaced by carefully chosen, characterful pieces.

Inspired by the desire to revolutionise home decoration both indoors and outdoors, our young designers are as productive as their elders. Surrounded by Chapel Petrassi’s HALY chairs, Maarten Baptist’s sublime YEAN table opens up the outdoors to a new dimension: the precision of this high-end design reveals our deep respect for and growing interest in nature as well as the need to stand out through furnishings your guests won’t have seen anywhere else...

Smaller but just as original, the low pop-art table SEIS by the two designers who make up the Galula Studio is ideal for brightening up traditional Hausmannian balconies across Paris.



Doing away with borders

Designed to withstand the weather, ‘outdoors’ objects are also able to resist the test of time. The proof: we love recycling them in winter by bringing them into interior spaces to imbue them with a fresh new look – and to avoid buying new items and hence keep our consumption at a reasonable level. As with the ELO lamp, which can light up a dark shelf in a library or a bedside table lacking in pizzazz, the metallic disco waves of Chapel Petrassi’s Hella benches or the super-desirable PARAD armchair by Novia Obiecta have the power to elegantly enliven the classic decor of a living room that might otherwise be too staid.

If colonising one’s interior space with outdoors objects is the height of chic, the practice is also a healthy one – we breathe better thanks to the vegetation now flourishing in apartments. And the Bloom Box console is perfect for cultivating one’s indoor garden…


Discover the box "Picnic" by Bina Baitel

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