Le Jacquard Français

For 130 years Le Jacquard Français has put its skills and imagination into embellishing homes – from kitchens to living rooms via bathrooms – with its iconic and colourful patterns.

Its current name derives from the looms developed in the 19th century to automate the weaving of damask fabric – the patterns of which are equally visible on the back and the front. But this Vosges firm is the direct descendant of the Nathan et Compagnie studio founded in 1888 by Nathan Lévy, a specialist in immaculate, high-quality and - for a long time - decoratively classic table and chef ’s accessories.



Living Heritage Firm, rich in historic expertise when it comes to textiles, Le Jacquard Français made colour effects into essential elements of its visual signature in 1978, during its first collaboration with the famous stylist Primrose Bordier – in a decade when interiors rules were being broken and old ways of thinking about homes cast off.



Today more than 40 colour schemes are created every year to satisfy the need for a dynamic, continually evolving collection. But the firm’s original insistence on the highest- quality primary materials remains.

Le Jacquard Français continues to work with the highest-quality threads, favouring natural fibres such as linens and cottons. “Our skill is above all skill in jacquard weaving.



As the dining table and kitchen are integral to a home, we were inspired to expand our range of products.” Beatrice Brandt, Executive Director Since the brand started, technological developments have enabled the creation of more complex, multi-faceted weaves, but the range stands out most of all for its limitless narrative potential. Whether it’s travel inspiration or testaments to different cultures, eras or ways of life, these are household linens and decorative objects that bring eloquent stories into homes through their ornamental motifs.The desire for innovation has also propelled the firm to extend its creative boundaries. In 2019 it launched its debut range of home textile accessories including cushions and blankets, putting its skills at the service of interiors lovers. The partnership woven with Designerbox in creating of the apron designed by chef Anne-Sophie Pic testifies to the firm footing of the brand and its long- standing skills in today’s world.

Discover the box "À vos fourneaux" by Anne-Sophie Pic X Le Jacquard Français

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