Dan Yeffet

A graduate of Jerusalem’s Art and Design school and of Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Dan Yeffet established his first studio in the Netherlands before moving to France in 2005.

Fed on a cosmopolitan culture, he likes to present himself as a design explorer, always keen on evading any hasty and constrained definition. Streamlining and aesthetic are the legs on which Dan Yeffet bases his simple and deeply human designs.

« I hate being trapped into a category, I am perpetually seeking; I love experimenting, overcoming my own limits…».

Between the playing with materials, the creation of new shapes and the upheavals of equilibrium, Dan Yeffet focuses on producing fixtures, lightings or objects that are as much essential as they are revolutionary.Imbued with a cosmopolitan culture, Dan Yeffet set himself up in Paris in 2005 and lodged his design studio within the prestigious Viaduc des Arts in 2013. A Restful and skillful man, the creator of designerbox#22 remains nevertheless an explorer of design, as he likes to define himself. A graduate from the Jerusalem Art and Design School in 2001, he pursued his student curriculum at Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academy and started working free lance for some famous Dutch studios. In The Netherlands, Dan Yeffet started dabbling with a more conceptual design rather than a purely ergonomic one. “In Israël, I was taught an industrial and practical design, such as may be seen in the States.



Thanks to my studies and my professional courses, I approached work in a radically different way, sticking closer to the idea. This dual-culture enables me to have a hybrid approach.” This initial duality is something the designer claims for himself, nowadays still, in order to avoid defining stiffly his work. “I hate being trapped into a category, I am perpetually seeking; I love experimenting, overcoming my own limits…”

If Dan Yeffet’s work was to be characterized through an identity, it should be defined by his adamant will to shed all. Playing on the overturning of materials as with the Appolo Lamp for La Chance whose design uses marble in a surprising way, or else on the upheaval of equilibriums, as with the Weightless deck chair created for La Redoute and the Gallery S. Bensimon, Dan enjoys surprising himself to better lead astray and seduce.



“Much more than a conspicuous print that would brand the pieces I’ve conceived, there are aesthetic values that are constantly presents in my creative process: my work will always tend toward streamlining and simplicity in order to reach the most intemporal result available.” Free from any frill, Dan Yeffet’s design “Sticks” to the essential.Likewise the Nuggets or D.Light, table lamps recently edited by Collection Particulière, are right away perceived as a necessity both on a practical and aesthetic level. “Initially, I drew theses lamps for my own use and when Jérôme Aumont – founder of the young editing house – saw them, he adopted them on the spot.” Useful and fundamental, Dan Yeffet’s work is also deeply human. “I am known for my lamps, it’s logical: people are caught up on lighting fixtures, they are sort of our modern-day hearthes.” As such the Muffins lamps, with their wooden footing and their round blown glasses and dim tints, unveil their heartwarming and sociable perso- nalities that step harmoniously into our daily lives.



Armed with this care for humanity, Dan Yeffet took to the Designerbox project. “It’s an awesome concept that puts all designers, whatever their notoriety may be, on an equal footing human wise. To me, it was important to imagine something useful that stands out from the preceding objects and that, at the same time, may blend with them.” With “Sticks”, an ingenious and esthetic trivet that is destined to take its place among the practical objects of a convivial supper before being overshadowed by the opulent frame of a family plate filled to the brim, Dan humbly invites the subscribers around the table. “Supper time has always been important to me, around a meal, we are all equal because everyone is to eat. Paradoxically, it is also the moment when personalities are showing: verbal jousts and heated discussions are transforming the table into something close to an arena.” As a timeless table centre, Sticks was produced under the streamlining spirit dear to the designer’s heart in order to reconcile souls around the pleasures found in tasting and sharing.


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