Eco leather

If MOTHER’S black leather gives an undeniably touch of chic and originality to your meals, its compact form and length allows it to sit discreetly at the centre of the table.

Ideal for holding bottles of wine, oils, salad bowls or other dishes during convivial gatherings, MOTHER comes with its two little ‘satellites’ that can be used, as a complement or separately, under bottles or glasses during a dinner for two. Outside meals, MOTHER can also hold the terracotta fruit bowl, creating a strong shadow effect around it. MOTHER is made of recycled leather (70% leather fibres, 20% or natural plant rubber, 10% resins and pigments). It requires no specific maintenance and can be cleaned with a simple damp sponge.




At a time of climate emergency, when consumers need to be more considerate and responsible, we may want to seek out more eco-friendly alternatives to ‘natural’ leather and even to definitively eliminate its use. A by-product of processes leading to increases in deforestation and pollution, leather is also frowned upon for the chemical pollutants (chrome) involved in its tanning stages. Plant-tanned organic leather, synthetic leather, vegan leather, recycled leather…




In a response to environmental and human problems, over the past 10 years and more several producers have been working on innovative concrete examples – ones that many politically conscious designers, including Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood, were quick to adopt.

The interiors world, despite being very traditional and attached to notions of durability and authenticity, is slowly starting to get on board thanks to youthful labels and innovative firms.Keen to support this kind of virtuous initiatives, the Designerbox team has joined forces with one of these eco-innovators to bring you the MOTHER centrepiece and its two placemats for bottles.Living in Argentina with all its cattle-breeders, Matias Fernandez Moores was inspired by the waste involved in the industrial leather industry to start producing a high-quality, 100% recycled leather made up of off-cuts of leather and natural rubber.




In 2006 his recycled leather passed all the tests necessary for certification, allowing him to start systematically collecting off-cuts from local firms… Thus was VACAVALIENTE born.Having since then become one of the major players in the industry, certified B_lab and B_corp*, VACAVALIENTE went even further and since 2018 has offered a whole range of accessories for the desk or table, including MOTHER’s little ‘satellite’ placemats, which you can also find at The Conran Shop or online if you feel like adding them to your table decorations.

*The *B_lab and B_corp labels are awarded to firms meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, as well as transparence.


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