Vertuo Recipe

Espresso/underground/ office … Are you sure that you are at the right pace? With Vertuo: the new Nespresso innovation, coffee goes into slow mode thanks to its centrifusion© process ( a mix of infusion and centrifugal force) and is, therefore, ideal for XXL sizes. Exit the quick caffeine buzz on the run, thanks to these three recipes to keep moods lifted throughout the key times of the day and the Saisi cup we’ll take a large.


Ideal for getting in lots of vitamins, this Ethopian cocktail gently wakens the senses. In this drink, the careful dose of grapefruit juice compliments the fruity aromas of the Grand Cru A orazio and gets your day o to a great, easygoing start!

- 1 Gran Lungo A orazio capsule
- 100ml of pink grapefruit juice
- Crushed ice
- 10ml of elderberry syrup
- 20ml of grapefruit syrup
- Grapefruit segments

- Pour 20ml of grapefruit syrup into a recipe cup
- Add 3 teaspoons of crushed ice as well as the pink grapefruit juice
- Prepare a Grand Cru A orazio and pour it into a shaker
- Froth the co ee with a milk frother to make it creamier
- Next, add this mixture to the recipe cup
- Decorate the cup with the grapefruit segments


After your never-ending veggie salad, you have well earned the right to a little treat. Why not go for a Choco Macchiato to end your lunch on a sweet note, without feeling too guilty: you have managed to skip dessert and jump straight to coffee!

- 2 Gran Lungo Fortado capsules
- 2cl of chocolate sauce
- 20cl of milk
- Whipped cream
- Chocolate akes

- Drizzle the chocolate sauce in the bottom of the cup and gently pour the milk over the top
- Prepare a Fortado in a little jug and gently pour it into the cup, being careful to ensure that the co ee does not mix with the milk
- Finish it o with the whipped cream and sprinkle with the chocolate akes


Night has fallen, a dark brew ows. To be sipped amongst friends, this cocktail plays with the contrast of coconut syrup harmonising with the Deca einato Intenso avour against mint and lemon complimenting the fruity aroma of the espresso.

- 1 Vertuo Grand Cru Deca einato Intenso capsule • 2-3 lemon segments
- 5 mint leaves
- 1 teaspoon of brown sugar • 15ml of coconut syrup
- 30ml of rum
- 80ml of champagne (or sparkling water)

- Cut 2-3 little segments of lemon and place them in the cup
- Add the mint leaves and the teaspoon of brown sugar
- Add the coconut syrup and mix everything together
- Add some crushed ice and the rum and champagne
- Extract the Grand Cru Deca einato Intenso (40 ml) over two ice cubes and once cold, delicately pour it into the cup.

*Excessive drinking is dangerous for your health: Consume in moderation.


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