AA armchair: Butterfly chair

•  AA armchair or Butterfly Chair: MUST HAVE
Blazing sun or pouring rain, a nap in the garden or cozily at home, It’s hard to foretell…as far as design is concerned the choice is clear: a must-have for any sunny patio, the AA armchair has been moving into stylish interiors for some times now. Let’s have a look at this all-purpose furniture always handy when weather changes capriciously.


•  The history of the Butterfly Chair / AA armchair
In 1938, two Argentinian designers Juan Kurchan et Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy together with one from Catalonia, Antonio Bonet, were inspired by a folding chair used by officers of the British army on the move to create an armchair that they called “butterfly” due to its shape.


A best-seller nowadays, the armchair was made at first by Artek-Pascoe, then by the famous editor Knoll until 1947. In 1951, it is the company Airborne” who decided to resume its production rechristening it “AA” as a tribute to its shape but also as a cheeky reference to the initials of the magazine « Architecture d’Aujourd’hui ».

•  AA armchair or Butterfly Chair : their Evolution !
In 2010, two friends from the southwest of France took over the brands of “Airborne” and boosted up the public love for the famous armchair, reworking its characteristic seat. Initially made out of the fabric used for parachute, the cover is nowadays available in waterproof cotton in many colors. Versions in Leather or even fur -in Tibetan’s lamb skins- have been conjured to use inside. We particularly fall for the latest AA version: an hyper-cute one for kids’ bedrooms with its meticulously embroidered cover made by Dutch designer Anne Claire Petit.


Discover LEO n°2 cushion.The cushions designed by Coco Brun are entirely hand embroidered.


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