Recreative design and diverted object

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”: this elementary axiom in chemistry has been applied by astute designers to give way to breathtaking objects! The latest : the smart transformation of the famous Duralex by 5.5 designstudio unveils the many facets of the 70-year-old glass. Before supporting this project here, have a look at the recreative design through the most famous relookings of the past of diverted objects:

• Teddy for adults
We have already recommended you to muse around the kids’rooms to enliven your interior ? The Campana brother did it before us…. since 1983, when they became associates, the famous Brazilians have been hard at work on a recyclable design using ever surpising materials. Their seating “Banquete” bunch together multicolored old teddies on a simple steel frame for an optimal comfort..




• Drawn to the drawer:
In 1991 the Dutch designer Tejo Remy, a member of the Droog association imagined « Chest of Drawers ». The uncommon chest became an icon of the recyclable trend and stood halfway between functional furniture and sculptural art. Standing as a manifesto against all-encompassing consumerism the piece is made out of recycled used drawers fit into maplewood boxes that were arranged into a coherent disorder and tangled with a linen cord.shelf-tejo-remy

• Shelf-chair
A major designer and an experimental artist the German Maarten Baas. living and working near Eindhoven, handmakes all his pieces with the help of his assistants. For « Hey chair, be a bookshelf ! », a sculptural piece bearing an evocative name and a catching look, he assembles together a pile of chairs and other pieces of furniture that were left behind wich he then aggregates with polyester and sprays with polyurethane thereby creating a useful chaos that becomes a bookshelf.

chair bookshelf


Discover the chess game - New York edition by Skyline Chess. Perfect for both lovers of architecture, design and chess.chess by skyline chess

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