Have you ever heard about le MUR? An innovative concept hidden behind three letters. Modular, Urban, Reactive : MUR. An association set up by the well-known French painter and sculptor Jean Faucheur in 2003.

The aim of this association is to be an integral part of an urban setting of a neighbourhood, (trop long avec trop de of) to educate citizens to ” Street Art “, means of expression often missed or misunderstood. Artists who adapt to fit with the codes of poster campaign advertising, create ephemeral works for the pleasure of our eyes.The association devotes its energy to put in the spotlight the French Street Art artists. This community allowed NASTI, famous graffiti artist, to design lavish murals on blank walls.

The first edition of Le MUR emerged rue Saint Maur in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Artists displayed their art on a wall of the famous Paris street. A multitude of ephemeral works follow to other works, made ​​from different artistic techniques: acrylic, inks, sprays, collages.Since 13 years the association Le MUR grow to extend over the whole French territory.


In 2016, it is in the city of Bordeaux that the association MUR has settled the wonders of Bordeaux’s art scene. Many events are organized, artists and residents have the opportunity to share and try the Street Art.


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