Adnet's mirror

They thrive in stylish interiors and on blogs inspired by DIY, but these round suspended mirrors were not born yesterday. From an illustrious line, they found their origin in an iconic and top of the range piece named “Miroir Adnet”, which takes it’s name from it’s creator.

Jacques Adnet : créateur du Miroir

Architect, decorator and designer, Jacques Adnet is one of the most well reputed participants in the art deco movement. As a graduate from the school of decorative arts he first worked for his twin brother Jean Adnet to co-sign their achievements under one and the same name: “J.J Adnet”, until 1928. After this date, Jacques Adnet bacame the director of the company of french arts, within which he campaigned for a modern design, without any useless ornaments and he worked with hard materials such as metal and glass, being one of the first people to integrate them into an apartment.




L’évolution du Miroir Adnet

At the end of the 40s, Jacques Adnet concentrated on the use of wood or tubing, cases of copper, giving a refined simplicity to the furniture that he had created. In 1950 he collaborated with Hermès and developped top of the range furniture covered with leather from which came the famous mirror.

Strapped up high quality Italian leather straps, interconnected by brass hinges like belts, the Miroir Adnet, in exotic wood, draws it’s elegance and iconic character from the perfect proportions between the size and the straps and the mirror. It received immediate success, which anchored it in design history and was a source of inspiration to many contemporary designers.He died in 1984, but Jacques Adnet came back into style after 2011 thanks to a republication of his strapped mirror at Gubi.


Discover Charlotte Juillard's Tsuki mirror

Tsuki (inspired by the Japanese Tsukuyomi, the Moon God) is a table mirror made of a simple bent metal base with a slit and a round mirror. Feminine in its curved lines and purpose, this object will fit into both contemporary and traditional interior designs



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