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The “Shelfie”, the art of shelves frilling is much trickier than its ancestor, the passé selfie : there is no easy way to find the right groove befitting a bookshelf all the more so when it is destined to become a character on Instagram…Charlotte Perriand did understood how it would work as early as in the 50’s. Let’s have a look back on the modular elements that may inspire you:

Charlotte Perriand : qui est la Créatrice de la Bibliothèque Nuage ?

An outspoken, free visionary, Charlotte Perriand is one of the major designer of the past century. Renowned for her numerous collaborations with Le Corbusier whose radiant lodgings she decorated in the 30’s, she flew to Japan in 1940. Called to become the Bureau of Commerce Art counsellor, she was to stay there all through WWII and mined from this experience countless veins of inspirations for her projects to come.


bibliotheque nuage design by Charlotte Perriand


First among them, upon her comeback in Paris, we shall point out her bookshelves that brilliantly retain the combining factor that Charlotte Perriand had observed in Japanese furniture. There the assembling of elements salvaged from the street – tatamis, sliding doors, panels…. was a standard in home deco.Emulating this process, Charlotte Perriand designed several combining fixtures that could be freely assembled and that are sucessfully alternating both the use of different materials (wood, aluminum) and of colors and uses. These fixtures have since become signature objects.

These elements, at the time revolutionary for both their practicability and their looks, are re-edited nowadays by Cassina under the name “Nuage”.


bibliotheque nuage bkeu design by Charlotte Perriand


Are you falling for this colors and materials mix&match approach to buff up your bookshelves ? It’s high time you swiftly slid “Murakami” among your favorite books and trinkets !


serre-livre Murakami design by studio dessueant bone

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