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Pouf Zanotta Sacco et fauteuil Up5 - 6 Donna

We have the desire to snug ourselves into comfortable things arises. And so, at the top of our list, two iconic seating are to be found : actual odes to drowsiness and yet objects that call for thoughts.

L’histoire du Pouf Zanotta Sacco

At the end of the sixties, three architects from Turin -Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro– met around a seat-related project that was to be adaptable to any morphology. Their reunion spawned in 1968 “Sacco” edited by Zanotta whose shape and name -meaning bag in Italian- was inspired by the bales that Italian peasants made with chestnut leaves to use as mattresses.


pouf zacotta sacco


La naissance du Fauteuil « La Mama » : Up5 – 6 Donna

Around the same period, Gaetano Pesce, an artist, an architect and a designer conceived the UP series edited by B&B Italia in 1969. Among this collection, “up5-6 Donna” nicknamed “La Mama” became an instant hit. As symbols of their time both “Sacco”, which is filled with polystyrene pellets, and Gaetano Pesce’s armchair, which consist of only one part cast in polyurethane foam void of any inner frame, used new materials while synthesizing revolutionary ideas moving around at these times.

Standing at the opposite from the traditional bourgeois uptight seats which hadn’t evolved in time, Zanotta’s nomadic bean bag invented the art of free sprawling

fauteuil up5

A direct descendant of Pop Art the armchair up5_6 Donna took his look from a prehistorical goddess which inspired its creation. Its comfortable roundness is not here to put its users to sleep but to alert on the condition of women at the time. ” Always anchored to her home, she remains overall a prisoner of her own body. The shape of this chair, which evokes the generous figure of a woman linked to a ball and chain, enabled me to make a parallel with the traditional image of a prisoner.


Pouf Zanotta Sacco et Fauteuil « La Mama » : Leur Évolution

Milestones of an optimistic and liberating thought current, the two seats remain to this day must-haves over 50 years after their creation and in spite of the ever increasing speed imposed on our daily lives, the creative idleness should always find its way into any contemporary interior ! Enjoy your Iconic chairs with the designerbox Napa by Bina Baitel, the perfect table to keep your cup of tea with you and face the winter cold !

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