Krux Amsterdam

The first time you arrive in Amsterdam a unique bond is immediately created between you and the spirit of the town. The city gives us the desire to imagine, create and begin something new… Now you feel ready to give life to your craziest ideas and turn them into real projects !

Have you ever heard about the Krux Amsterdam? Follow the guide !

We recognize it, bythe Rijnkanaal sides, with its blue metal walls and its big orange doors. This old warehouse of 1500 m2 had been renovated into a new kind of place.

Mais qui sont les mystérieux instigateurs qui se cachent derrière ce bâtiment pour le moins atypique ?

Supported by the city of Amsterdam, the Krux was revealed in 2012. François Dumas, Gero Asmuth, Erassmus Scherjon et Dajo Bodisco, friends since they met at the design Academy of Eindhoven, have created a place dedicated to creation and coworking. Worldwide graphic designers, designers, printers, miliners came there to build up their creative projects !


Francois Dumas assis


Nowadays, the Krux brings together about twenty art studios. As an old artisan street, the makers share their ideas and knowledges through numerous exhibitions !


locaux krux amsterdam

Cool fact : Our designerbox #33 Mangos was entirely designed and produced by François Dumas at the Krux !

Adresse : Cruquiusweg 120-A, 1019 AK Amsterdam, Pays-Bas.Photos : @BYANJAROOS , @Merci Pour l’Adresse


corbeille Mangos design by Francois Dumas

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