Our favorite cookbooks

The Designerbox teams have selected four original cookery books, essential bibles which will give you a new vision of cuisine in wellbeing mode.

1 - RAW food by Solla Eirksdottir

www.phaidon.com / 34.95 €
Because vegetarian food is much more than what’s on the plate … a book with 75 vegetarian recipes inspired by the Raw food movement and specially created by the chef from Iceland Solla Eiríksdóttir (from the Glo restaurant in Reykjavik). Recipes as simple as a journey in Iceland, a tribute to nature and the seasons in a book to devour with no restraint. Don’t miss the Thai salad recipe that we have selected and tried for you (p. 27 of the magazine)  … devilishly good in colour and taste!

2 - THE KITCHEN SHELF by Eve O’o sullivan & Rosie Reynlolds

www.phaidon.com / 27.95 €
This book of recipes is pure therapy, or how to be reconciled with your pantry! So you’ve run out of inspiration and get the impression that your pantry is empty while this one is overflowing with products that are essential for making delicious dishes? In this book you will discover in a simple and fun way some basic dishes and ideas for uncomplicated cuisine every day with 30 basic ingredients and a few fresh products.. … Surprise yourself every day!

livres raw et le placard ideal

3 - THE GRAIN BOWL by Nik Williamson

www.phaidon.com / 27.95 €
Get into Superfood mode with 90 recipes using cereals, rice and other grains for a heathy and balanced diet at any time of day. Healthy but also gourmand ideas for those who just like us, don’t have a sparrow’s appetite but want to eat a balanced diet! One recipe you just have to make: wheat, rye and barley flakes with chicken, squid and chorizo. … birdy miam miam!

4 - Studio Olafur Eliasson: THE KITCHEN by Olafur Eliasson

www.phaidon.com / 34.95 €
Get ready to discover over 100 gourmand vegetarian recipes prepared every day for people in his studio by Olafur Eliasson, one of the best-known contemporary artists. It’s a cookery book, no doubt about it, but also a book that celebrates the pleasure and creativity of cooking in company.You just have to try the sour chickpea salad and coleslaw with poppy seeds. … art on your plate or nothing!


livres les bons bois de graines et studio olafur

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