Ceramic and Terrazzo : back to the futur !

If fashion is a never-ending succession of new beginnings, so is home decor. Ceramic and Terrazzo : close-up on two technical skills from a period which, now back in the forefront of the design scene, reveal a contemporary taste for the authenticity of the past.

• Terrazzo from floor to ceiling

A flooring material composed of chips of natural stone, coloured marble and cement, Terrazzo, which takes its name from the Italian for terrace, is a floor covering very popular in the classical era and then again in the 1920s. Its speckled and natural appearance, which invites ready comparison with the current vogue for the ultra Memphis look, makes it all the rage.


maison kitsuné

Maison Kitsuné shop, Paris / Holy Granite by Nothing Can Go Wrng

Not just for flooring, the Terrazzo pattern subtly covers the whole house with flecks: from walls, to aux mobiliers, light fittings, and other autres accessoires …

• Ceramic passion

A tangible symbol of the slow life movement, which advocates a responsible way of life, respects tradition and is less “wired”, ceramics are displayed at every possible opportunity in trendy homes. If practicing it in a specialist studio like “yoga for the hands” is said to be a must, it is good form to collect ceramics to show your need to return to your roots! So you start by acquiring dishes on which to serve your vegan-gluten-free meals on appropriate plates in attractive colours to wet the appetite, then you start a collection of vases, amphorae and other containers chosen to dress a shelving unit or mantelpiece that lacks authenticity.

Start your ceramics collection with the designerbox#39 by Louisa Köber.


vase Lily design by Louisa Kober


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