Highly perched nature spots in Sweden

This month the Designer Box teams select, as part of the theme, some highly perched nature spots to try out on your significant other or with friends. Panoramic views and green surroundings guaranteed.

A 4x4 m mirrored cube perched in a tree that reflects the whole landscape and almost disappears.
the jewels in the crown: the roof terrace and birch plywood interior. 
500 € / www.treehotel.se


mirrorcube treehotel


Like to a real bird’s nest in XXL version, this cabin of 17m2 offers 2 separate rooms to comfortably accommodate
a couple and 2 children in an all-wood and completely round structure! 
500 € / www.treehotel.se


bird's nest treehotel


Located 10 meters above the ground, with a breathtaking view of the river Lule through large panoramic windows, the 7th room resembles a large house of 100 m2 made of black charred timber, floating in the treetops. The bonus: all the comforts of a house that can accommodate up to people in a comfortable setting. 
€1.500 / www.treehotel.se


the 7th room treehotel


Accessible via a horizontal bridge among the trees, The Cabin is like a capsule, a foreign body in the trees. The bedroom is 24 m2 and has a roof terrace which allows you to enjoy breathtaking natural beauty! 
€500 / www.treehotel.se


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