Mrzyk & Moriceau

Designerbox invites the prolific duo Mrzik & Moriceau to reinterpret the famous storytelling plates of GIEN Faïencerie. On the dinner table, as a soap-holder, coin tray or even hung on the wall, the artists will tantalise your imagination with 4 deliciously quirky designs! Col spaghetti, téton ovni, brain washing machine and other bottom-featuring smileys fill the wacky daily feed of Mrzyk & Moriceau.


spaghetto col design by Mrzyk et Moriceau


If you are already a little confused, simply go ahead and take a look on their website or Instagram page to get lost in the two artists’ exhilarating creative whirlwind.

“A drawing a day keeps the doctor away ! ”

After meeting at the Beaux Arts School in Quimper in the late 90s, Petra Mrzyk and Jean François Moriceau began to draw due to a lack of means, at the time it was the only opportunity they had to create. Since then, they have been “practicing” the sport of creation like others: as a duo and at a (very) high level. Heavyweights in the world of cultivated fantasy, inspired since the beginning by artists such as the surrealist Picabia, the Swiss Fischli & Weiss and the mixed-media artist Fabrice Hyber, the two cartoonists create popular imagery with skill parallel to the wise strokes of Chinese ink. For 20 years, the both romantic and professional couple have been weaving a sensual and tactile world in which some exceptional fantasies have become an obsession.

Despite eagerly mocking Tintin’s sacrosanct quiff or the Christlike image, in favour of the hairy look or taunting the overconsumption of smartphones, Mrzyk & Moriceau do deny trying to communicate any messages through their drawings, preferring to allow their many followers make their own assumptions and encouraging them to thereby develop their imaginations.On paper, online or directly on gallery walls, the fantastic world of Mrzyk & Moriceau has now spread to even the smallest of libraries we strongly recommend the delicious “Panique au village des crottes de nez (Panic at the bogie village)”, to be enjoyed without moderation from the age of 3 years old and is even getting printed onto the skin of more and more fans, who have used their illustrations as templates for tattoos.

cat but design by Mrzyk et Moriceau

Since 2002, and as their first collaboration with the Air group, the music-loving duo, who confess to loving listening to film soundtracks as they draw, has been working with prestigious musicians – Sébastien Tellier, Breakbot and Jackson and His Computer Band – and using their creative quills and endless creativity to design and create irresistible clips. As a very first, their collaboration with Designerbox invites them to join the dinner table, and we could not dream of better guests: Generous, prolific and full of wisdom, Mrzyk & Moriceau selected four quirky illustrations, paying tribute to the traditional “storytelling” plates of the Gien Faïencerie, to nourish your imaginations during your dessert or aperitif.
barbapapa breast design by Mrzyk et Moriceau

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