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Studio Tandem’s living utensils - creator of the DesignerBox #67

«Imperfect objects for imperfect people». As a slogan, Studio Tandem, led since 2016 by a duo of talented creators, claims a design with a human face that can naturally fit into everyday life. Far from technical feats or other stylistic effects, Marion Capdeville and Aurélie Nouailhas work together to create accessible and highly decorative living utensils....

Graduates from Bordeaux design school, the two young girls from Bayonne and Limoges quickly found each other around common values. «Sensitive to natural materials, to hand work and eager to respect both craftsmen and users, we were at the time in contrast to the school’s philosophy which was focusing on new technologies and mass production». From then on, the apprentice designers nurture a creative friendship that will take a while to materialize: After school, while Aurélie joined an agency, Marion decided to become a freelance before convincing her friend to set up their common project. From that moment, their credo was found: ethical and eco-responsible. Their design studio will aim to design simple and elegant objects based on a network of local craftsmen in order to enhance the infinite wealth of know-how often underestimated.

At a time when slow design is convincing more and more consumers in search for meaning, Aurélie and Marion quickly find support and launch Studio Tandem, following a hard-hitting crowfunding campaign. «Tandem»: as we are of course a Duo, but also as the work carried out jointly, side by side, with the craftsmen we select. Each original drawing by the creators sign the birth of a lasting relationship and the embarkation of a new team member into the Tandem adventure.


bougeoir design by Studio Tandem


Ceramists, potters, decorators, cabinet makers and printing craftsmen, most of whom are based in New Aquitaine, now come to bring their skills to the small company, largely feeding the inspirations of the two designers.

bougie Anemonique design by Studio Tandem


We find this spirit of communion even in the names of the studio’s creations: composed by first names combining modernity and tradition. While the simplicity of the lines and the nobility of the materials are essential, the designers ensure that their objects are given a new dynamic by proposing new or complementary uses. Playful, each object of Studio Tandem has a discreet twist that users will enjoy appropriating, as is the case for Léo-Ferdinand, a carafe that can be used both as a vase or a jug thanks to a clever detail imagined by the designers.

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vase White design by Studio Tandem


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