DIY – Bare lightbulb

Since 1992, Ingo Maurer has paid hommage to the lightbulb by decorating it with wings to highlight it’s more expressive side. 2 decades after Luccellino – the bulb continues to be stripped down becoming the new decorative star and pushing the traditional lampshade to the background.

Bulb: Design and Warmth

- Let there be light
Oblongs, fuller shapes and geometric shapes : at ICI – the charm of the lightbulb lies mainly in it’s diversity. In this new boho Brussels cantine they play with height and shape to guarantee that a fun and ecletic light shines on their pretty tables.

The Edison trend: Light Bulb with Filament

- Nothing to hide
Spotted on the blog Frenchy Fancy, this geometric installation, in Jury café, Melbourne, has taken on the idea of not hiding anything and instead turns the bulb and the wire into aesthetic accessories. The beautiful deco is a story that can be easily seen through

The Luminaire under glass: the Bell Lamp

- Under glass
Rather than just acting as a cloche, the ‘Muffins’ by Dan Yeffet, creator of the designerbox #22, have re-invented their glass casing to magnify the bulb. Beneath the transparent glass the bulb is made out to be more precious, and the light more intimate.


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