We've lost our marbles for mable

The marble decoration

Marble made its return to our homes a few seasons ago.

Although restricted for a longtime to underground structures, this natural stone has made its debut back at the top of decoration trends. Work surfaces, flooring, cheese boards, it has all kinds of functions. We saw it on the ground in Sketch, London. We have seen it in the creations of Etore Sotsass, and, most recently, for our very own Sputnik design by Nathan Yong. Solid and precious, it has become the preferred material for many of our favourite designers, like the Salute table by Sebastian Herkner that elegantly comes with a varnished yellow tray. It is often imitated on wall-papers, textiles or stationery.

Marble in Decoration: Sober and Elegant

In its pure form its possibilities are endless: It hightlights colours, it gives different perspectives, it takes the edge off brass, it warms up against copper tones, it brightens up plexiglas… In short, we love it, we love subtle hints of it or we love it all over and it swings with no choice from a raw material into something luxurious.


Sputnik pen holder design by Nathan Yong

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