Chan Wai Hon

The winning designer of the UNBOXED contest launched by Designerbox - creator of the DesignerBox #51

Resident of the renowned Fabrica and graduate of the London College of Communication, young designer Chan Wai Hon, born in Hong Kong, has not created a simple vase, but a poetic object.

DBX_ Where is born the project of «A Piece of a vase» to Designerbox ?

CWH_ I prefer to find the hidden side. I love the words ‘dramatically poetic’. This project is finding the hidden side of the use of paper. But also creating a dramatic moment when combined with the colours of the flowers.

vase A piece of a vase design by Chan Wai Hon


DBX_ You have been grow up in Hong Kong. What is the influence of this city on your work ?

CWH_ Hong Kong is full of chaos, but this chaos is also coming with a sense of beauty. As a designer, you must work within a chaotic environment – you have to learn to balance your mind and to keep a distance to this environment. I really enjoy the chaos which reflects the importance of simple things. People are busy and work fast. We are living in complex surroundings. I believe that design can reach more avenues of society – culturally, artistically and philosophically.

DBX_ What did you lead to graphism and design ?

CWH_ The deeper meaning. The relationship between different things and people. These are the key points that lead me to take the role of a designer. I work mostly as a graphic designer. The designs are reflecting my rational side. In the beginning, my work tended to be more expressive. I see my design is kind of my philosophy in different ages.

DBX_ How the Fabrica has been playing a role to your creative development ?

CWH_ The people in Fabrica have inspired me to think about language as a communication tool and living in Italy has also allowed me explore more around this topic. The architecture of Fabrica also inspires me to think of the simplest thing can create the greatest impact. For me the library is the iconic part of Fabrica. I like to think and research there. The oval environment allows me to concentrate whilst feeling creative.




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